Best of Alpe Adria Trail

Experience the natural spectacle up close

The Alpe Adria Trail offers heavenly views and glorious spectacles of nature between mountain splendor and the sea. Along streams, rivers and lakes, you experience a fascinating world of animals and plants until you reach your final destination, the Adriatic.

Stages 15-17 into the Nockberge Biosphere Park:
From the Erlacherhaus via Falkerthaus and Lärchenhütte toBad Kleinkirchheim. The trail then continues to Arriach.

These stages of the Alpe Adria Trail lead directly into the Nockberge Biosphere Park, the ideal place to go for highly enjoyable hiking over the gentle picturesque summits of the Nockberge mountains. The special light casts a magical splendor over the colors of the impressive landscape.

Pause for a while and let yourself be inspired by the scent of the Alpine valerian, an almost forgotten medical plant known as “Valeriana celtica" which is all around you.

You will be accompanied by several other spots of harmony dedicated to the four elements.

General information about the Alpe Adria Trail:

Alpe Adria Trail - from the Grossglockner to the sea    

The Alpe Adria Trail opens up a journey of discovery leading from the Grossglockner to the sea. The tour which is around 700 m in length, runs across the Nockberge through three countries: Discover Austria, Italy and Slovenia and three cultures.

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