Paragliding in Carinthia

Take to the skies and let the wind take you on the ride of your life with a paragliding experience. Get a bird’s eye view of the breathtaking Carinthian landscape for long-lasting memories.

Only flying gets you higher

Carinthia is home to some of the best flight areas in Europe, whether for haul flight specialists, panorama gliders or tandem flights: Carinthia has a lot in store for paragliding enthusiasts including good weather conditions from April through October, a well established infrastructure and numerous barrier-free landing areas.

For beginners and experienced fliers

This way paragliding is fun! Both beginners and the more experienced fliers will enjoy the thrill of free-flying in safety on the southern side of the Alps. Find lots of perfect flying spots around Bad Kleinkirchheim that take you up high.

The best flying areas in the vicinity of Bad Kleinkirchheim

Our service

  • Tips for wind, weather and new flight areas at hand
  • Good contacts with the Carinthian flight school  in Annenheim at Ossiachersee
  • Guided flights in the immediate vicinity (Nockberge)
  • Ascents with the cableways with the Kärnten Card FREE (included in the hotel price)
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