Young Rocket BIKE Camps for young sportives

Cycling enthusiasts between the age of 11 and 16 seeking for an adventurous and sportive week alongside like-minded peers, are sure to get their share of the enjoyment. The “Young Rocket BIKE Camp“ is geared towards cyclists from age 14.

The bike guides at Krainer sports school provide coaching and advise on the Kona bike equipment including bike checks, individual adjustment and the necessary background information. There are 30 brand new Kona bikes available!

Adventure week in Young Rocket BIKE Camp

In addition to challenging outdoor tours, we cultivate our instinct for play on our bike course. Trendy jumps with bike, monster roller, grass board or mountain board. The holiday sports week program also includes video analyses and specifically designed workshops.

Besides experiencing unique bike adventures, cyclists are welcome to take part in a wide range of fun and action filled programs including tennis, sailing, surfing, kayaking, canoeing, archery, overnight stays is a hut, beach party etc.

The bike center provides around 40 Kona Bikes for this adventure week.

Facts & Services

  • Program from Monday to Friday, 9am to approx. 6pm, lunch included.
  • Guided tours and cycling technique programs
  • Instruction for every ability level
  • Professional team of sports instructors
  • Kona testing equipment & protection gear
  • Workshops and video analyses
  • Additional fun and action programs
  • For further services see “Young Rocket Camps”


More details at or via telephone: +43 (0)4246 3188

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