Oskar's Kinderwelt

Oskar’s Kinderwelt at Kärntnerhof

in Bad Kleinkirchheim

Oskar's Kids world

Welcome to Oskar‘s Kids World! The enchanting adventure world in our family hotel in Bad Kleinkirchheim captivates (not only) youngest guests. Our hotel mascot Oskar, the cheeky blue rabbit, accompanies the little ones on a truly fantastic journey through a wondrous world, featuring pirate ship, bubbling witch’s kitchen and even a knight’s castle!

The spacious 5,000 sqm nature area surrounding the hotel with playground and minigolf facility is a paradise for playing and hiding. In Winter, skiing and snowsport activities beckon right outside the front door!

However, Bad Kleinkirchheim is also a village with fun und action available for youngsters: with its wide selection of slopes, the exciting flow trail for bikers or the many water sports opportunities on the Carinthian lakes, there is plenty going on, both in summer and winter! Afterwards it’s time to relax in the hotels’s most popular chillout zone – the Teen’s Room with cool sounds and cozy spots to retreat.

Children on a carousel

Oskar's adventurous journey

Oskar’s Kids World at Hotel Kärntnerhof

Hey-ho you little guys! In the mood for a crazy family break with your parents and me in Austria? Who I am? I’m a rabbit – but not an ordinary one – have you seen my cuddly blue fur yet? Simply awesome! As I’m such a special rabbit, I’m also staying in a special house. Here I feel at ease and am allowed to go on truly great journeys. Come with me, grab the rest of the family and let’s have a great time together in Oskar’s wondrous holiday world.

Blue rabbit as a holiday mascot

Track, track track - baa and moo... We've arrived at Oskar's farm. Here we feed the bunnies in the rabbit hutch and help cleaning up - quick, the pig is delighted.


Let’s fly with the magic carpet over the magnificent desert landscape to an oasis where the camels rest. We land with the desert sheikh and build a fabulous castle with him in our sand pit.

Witch's kitchen
Child playing in a witch's kitchen

Help! The cunning witch has transformed me into an "Oskarfanten". Do you know some hocus-pocus to transform me back into a sweet little bunny again?

Knight's castle
Child playing on a knight's castle

Psst - let's sneak past the guarding dragon and ride from the carrot castle to our sweetheart who lives in paprika castle. Help me overcome the hot wire but be aware of the dragon's eyes. But now we are hungry!

Pirate ship

In that case we are quite happy about the Captain's invitation for a pirate’s meal. Afterwards we climb onto the deck over the shaking bridge to look out for other ships. Yawn! Sea air makes you tired.

Drawn rabbit in medieval clothes

Well, it’s "bye" for now! I’m really looking forward to you and the adventures we’ll experience together on our fantastic journey at the Kärntnerhof in Bad Kleinkirchheim!

Yours, Oskar

Freddy Fit
Mascot in the form of an apple

...interested in my profile?

Well now, dear young guests of our family hotel - welcome to Kärntnerhof, my beautiful home in Bad Kleinkirchheim. My name is Freddy and I’m the mascot of Family Austria. Those in charge at Hotel Kärntnerhof thought, I’d be the perfect testimonial for them because I look so healthy and juicy. And funny, of course! Well, that’s right, actually it’s always lots of fun with me! Besides, the Family Austria people liked my trainers a lot. They went over the moon when they heard that I just love running and romping around in the great outdoors, preferably criss-crossing Bad Kleinkirchheim, or even better, entire Carinthia! This is how we got together and I think we match perfectly. Why don’t you come and visit us at our family-friendly hotel?

Who is Freddy Fit?

Freddy Fit is a very close friend of Oskar’s – like Oskar, he is very health-conscious, feeding almost exclusively on carrots and salad. As you already know, Oskar hibernates in winter and is out and about in nature during the summer months, coming back to the hotel only overnight.

We look forward to you!

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