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The Krenn family and the Kärntnerhof team

Your hosts in Carinthia

Host & team

At the Kärntnerhof, it is important to each and every one of us that you feel completely at ease the minute you arrive! Enjoy the warm and heartfelt hospitality of your hosts, the Krenn family, and the entire team.

We all work passionately to fulfill guests wishes and provide information on the hotel and the holiday region Bad Kleinkircheim that will make your stay even better.

Kärntnerhof holiday coaches

Passion & Enthusiasm

are the driving forces of our Kärntnerhof holiday coaches who go out of their way to provide guests with a fabulous time and a memorable holiday experience.

They take time for our guests, pay close attention to individual requests, share useful tips, and motivate to participate in joint activities. The Kärntnerhof has become Austria’s first hotel with almost its entire staff trained as holiday coaches by the Family Austria group. Our holiday coaches will be at your side from the moment you make your hotel reservation until you say goodbye, assisting you in creating holiday moments that last.

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Our holiday coaches

For your perfect holiday

Together with their team, the Krenn family makes sure that you feel completely at home with us at the Kärntnerhof.


Holiday coach Markus

For our chef Markus an authentic culinary experience is a major part of any vacation. He makes a point of using fresh regional ingredients to create delicious Carinthian Alps-Adriatic cuisine dishes. In his private life he enjoys being spoiled with grandma’s hearty homemade beef olives.

“Please let us know prior to your stay if you suffer from any food intolerances or allergies. This allows us to adapt to specific preferences regarding your diet, enabling you to fully enjoy the fresh and regional products that are used to create the region’s own special dishes!“

Receptionist at the Kärntnerhof

Holiday coach Sabine 

Sabine, our cheerful lady at the front desk, not only helps guests with information about the weekly programs and ‘Guestfriend’ pads but also provides first hand shopping tips. Also those opting for a night out in the village or in a nearby town and requiring dining recommendations are in good hands with Sabine!

“I’m happy if I can inspire our guests with our program and our region!“

Hotel employee

Holiday coach Dietmar 

A dedicated and warm-hearted hotelier, managing director Dietmar Krenn knows Bad Kleinkirchheim and the hotel from childhood. According to the motto “anything is possible“, he continually is seeking ways and ideas for both the hotel and the village to provide guests a memorable stay in the Carinthian Nockberge Mountains.

“It makes me happy to surprise guests with such unexpected holiday moments like the “Magic Moments" or our Kärntnerhof Glüxrad’l wheel of fortune!"

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